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Hello, and welcome to Feature Friday Volume 2! Here are more awesome works from our community, all from the forum post of mine, "Newest or Best Digital Artworks"! I know I should have had this up by now, but I was really busy with a hell of a lot of things, so I never got the chance to complete this until now. This journal includes some very interesting artwork, that again, receives little attention. Isn't it about time we supported each other?

Well, anyways, here are the featured deviations! Please show the artist your love and support by commenting/faving/watching them. Make their days!
The Saddest Day by PonderHopeThe Summoner by PonderHopeWalk The Broken Road (Special Edition) by PonderHopeSecret Perfume by nastyindustriesGossip Girl by nastyindustriesHand Practice by Spork-Mr. Sir by Spork-a goblin whirlwind by audreymolinatti
Dodo For Lunch by InfraTwistcall to houston by dinosimplicissimuswoork in progres by mihaimcm94I knew I could by RavenskysongAppledash Humanized 2 by JYCCheetara 2011 by XirausDeadly Pink by Xiraus:.King of Sarcasm.: by orribu
Fierce by AerilienEthereal Sentinel by AerilienThe Mischief Council - colour by AerilienHS: Porrim speedpaint by AerilienLove Kills by FireMoose
:thumb336231475:The Shaman: The New and The Old by DominiqueDuongJackoluna Donnelly by DominiqueDuongTalfryn Talyre by DominiqueDuongSun Dance on Water by DominiqueDuongJohn Lewis Furniture - 3D Model Stage One by razfoilWelcome to the Manga World by plug-28Sweetdreams...? by plug-28
MidnightSun Club by plug-28Scenery speedpaint by Matija5850Horny beast by Matija5850Dr. House caricature by Matija5850Estate Of Evil by Life-For-SaleDesert Bug by OrmIrianTogether by OrmIrianTry Me by Joaru
Sherlock Holmes by GwendolaineOver Time by GwendolaineSlashy the Sandslash by tacoroachMiashi The Kicking Vixen by HeonGaidenAnnoying Chris Redfield by HeonGaidenA Disgrace to the Ninja Community by HeonGaidenhappy Halloween 2012 by Indy-K:thumb335436820:
Zeak, Darkness Incarnate by False-VirtueOne More Soul to Recall by False-VirtueTwilight Dawn by False-VirtueAudino Wants to Play by MrDark510Warrior by CandyDeChocolatedevil by julieanne714226Leave This To Us! by Thesis-DRosa Kato by Thesis-D
Let's Stargaze... by Thesis-DSkeletizzle by zdecemberzColor Stuff by zdecemberzGoth by zdecemberz:thumb335395810::thumb335122385::thumb335122585::thumb308402764:
Hey little kitten! by chickenmaiRequest - LiSophitaR by chickenmaiCoffee shop love by chickenmaiHomestuck's Porrim Maryam by AcaciathornEmerald by adlovettSpace by squar3xThe Chrysler Building by MrsSocratesHello Parfait Kitty by Ayasal
Orange. by HeliacWolf:thumb333840991:Otter by HeliacWolfRace the Dream by Zed-of-VeniceStrung Out by Zed-of-VeniceI Will Love Again by noxxutFlame On! by ia-sen
Acier Futura by mitsu-modelLevitation and Sone by mitsu-modelVieux Paris by mitsu-modelEffloresence by AtlantechRose Red by AtlantechFlappers of Atlantech by AtlantechWho R U by MrDark510Emerald Hills by CL-Studios
Ship Boarding by CL-StudiosPeaceful by CL-StudiosMining Ops by CL-StudiosDeath Drink by SpiritofdarknessMelon Moon by Spiritofdarknesskruje skanderberg castle by rockscorpChaos Theory 4 by ocdfxChaos Theory 3 by ocdfx
Chaos Theory 2 by ocdfxChaos Theory 1 by ocdfxPrincess Zelda by EliJ156Positivity Is Key v.2 by Jmorgan07Kurai doragon by ShadowBTI Burn For You by JoeSoulThe Witchblade by JoeSoul
City Lizard by NoemMClassicSaturday by NoemM:thumb316370631:District Gumball by NoemM:thumb333993662:Fish :D by laufiendGyrfalcon by laufiendChildren of Cambodia by laufiend
:thumb333032633:Need to Be by Krak-FoxThe Man Who Fell to Earth by Krak-Fox:thumb333877858::thumb332432882:Ready to fight by xchainlinkxPurple Pearl Voice by Sandman-AC
No More Heroes by Sandman-ACOneeChanbara Z ~ Kagura by Sandman-ACPrincess Shirahoshi 2nd shot by Sandman-ACRed Sonja by Sandman-ACEmergence by TychovzoRed flower by MpsebastianA water Gate by MpsebastianRing!!! by Mpsebastian
A pretty flower like you by MpsebastiantecnoYogi by geowjmI fly to the strangest lands by geowjmThe Main Character by geowjmPonyo by PoppyMoriLove Explosion by PoppyMoriBlowing Smoke by TheRScrooge:thumb328528247:
:thumb332259396::thumb330283105:Summertime Sadness by DorotejaCopium by MeganMissfitEye by diddlehDevan by diddlehForest by diddlehOsprey WIP 1 by diddleh
Danger Days: Party Poison by UltraViolet1197Traditional Chinese Girl re-done by UltraViolet1197DeadlyObsession Commission by ochanotsukiSpirit of the Harvest (final) by ochanotsukiDevil In the Clock (full color) by ochanotsukiDerek Evry Fantasy Rock Poster by maxevryNumbers + Letters band poster by maxevryEnlightenment by MichelleRamey
Shot by MichelleRameyHourglass II by MichelleRameyCollege Life by MichelleRameyYin Yang by Studio-in-BlueDragon Tea by Studio-in-BlueBad Dog by Studio-in-BlueQueen of the Damned by LodchenMystical Writing by Lodchen
Remake Lara Croft Wetsuit by LodchenThis is war (Collab with BlueVagabond) by LodchenBoy with Fire Lotus by artivoidSpeed Painting: Ryan Guldemond of Mother Mother by luxandnox2011 FXDF by luxandnoxHead Ache by cantunseebow'd shock rdstrp by FerresonSlicker Burnz by Ferreson
fire burning by Ferresonsummer practice by BrushadoConqueror of the Fire Hell by VenomousBlazeWide Eyed Wonder by noxxutCherry blossom serenity-commission by kika1983Chineese dragon tattoo-commission by kika1983Dragon,Hanya and Oni-commission by kika1983Multiplicity by manticor
Absolute Zero by manticor:thumb263584694::thumb309870997::thumb296333563::thumb95926329::thumb315346449:
Well, That's all from this post!
Now to the hard part...writing "you've gotten featured!" comments...but I have to go, so I'll do them later today!

Next part, I' a forum about what I want.
Bye now!
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AmyNChan Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
awesome art~! *^_^*
Requiemachina Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012
yep! ^_^
AmyNChan Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Jmorgan07 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012  Hobbyist
Thank you for featuring my design! I really appreciate it =D
Atlantech Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks a lot for the feature :heart:
VenomousBlaze Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the feature!
UltraViolet1197 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I know!
DPasschier Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012
There is a lot of nice ART and many talented Deviant's :)
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