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November 30, 2012
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[ Feature Friday Volume 5 ]

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 30, 2012, 6:15 AM

Yes.  Welcome again to my fifth installment of my Feature Friday journals! :w00t:
I'm Requiemachina, and I am seriously bored! (That was totally uncalled for XD) But anyway, I would like to congratulate all the participants who decided to take a few minutes of their lives to come check out my forum posts ([Feature Friday Volume 5] Free Features and stuff! (for premium members)
and [Feature Friday Volume 5] Free Features Newest or Best Art (for non-premium members)) and submit their works to me for this compilation! :clap::clap::clap:
Thank you so much for allowing me to continue this, which really relies on the submission from our fellow members here!
Shameless plug
I love this journal skin. Do you? It matches my page lol

Anyways, here goes!
:_Chell, Looking up to the light_: by ReveLeViFleur.:Come on guys, Let's go!:. by ReveLeViFleur.:The Dying Wish:. by ReveLeViFleur<da:thumb id="339700484"/><da:thumb id="319420221"/><da:thumb id="326485915"/>Lilith by gabrielleragusiThe Guardian by dangerous-glowSomewhere in wonderland by dangerous-glow<da:thumb id="309842641"/>neptunes sneaker by isischneiderwater splash by isischneidersteelscape by isischneider.: God Has A Plan For Us All :. by NatiatVII... Hidden ... by BlueSoulberIvana and Her Iceball by Anarchistic-Angel'I'll Give You The Moon' (2) by louise-rabeyHoneybun by Anarchistic-Angel
Sunburst by LOVEintheSNOWSpying by PeytonJuneGlittering plant of magic + random girl by PeytonJuneHalloween 2012 by izka197.:: Steampunk Queen Adelle ::. by izka197NNMMXII 0118 by NyANek00NNMMXII 0117 by NyANek00..:: Kimono Eevee ::... by izka197Fall by PeytonJuneBurn Baby Burn by pinkpotatochipsHallie by pinkpotatochipsA little red - 1 by studpup
A little red - 4 by studpupVintage Good Girl Bad Boy by studpupA little red - 2 by studpupJust a Perfectly Normal Girl by luddlesDerping in a Field by luddlesHaruhi Suzumiya sketch (2014 update) by FG-Arcadia

Doctor Hine by FG-Arcadia<da:thumb id="271436485"/>Reach for the Heavens by sylor41Why So Serious? by sylor41The Final Bout by sylor41the color of sound by isischneider
Roundabout traffic by isischneiderThe War Drake by MharkNeilCudal<da:thumb id="331401515"/><da:thumb id="330628230"/><da:thumb id="333833071"/><da:thumb id="337677281"/>
<da:thumb id="334173925"/>Crucifixion IV 1 by PhilliewigCrucifixion IV 2 by PhilliewigCrucifixion IV 3 by PhilliewigMelodia and Alizia, again at it by zzerverBelladonna, The Lady of the Rocks by PhilliewigThrough the Daisies by Schlissel-artEnd of Summer by DorotejaCTrees by BonnieKnoxInga and Dexter by BonnieKnoxNatural Born Killers ring by BonnieKnox

Before the murder spree by BonnieKnoxUnicorn Holiday Message by Plush-ArtistRainbow Face Pony #1 by Plush-ArtistWinter's Dreams by Fiya36On The Town by plangkyeSweet Dreams by plangkyeI'm Going To Lose You by plangkye

Foray Into Death by plangkyeTree Shadows by WoodenOxMorning Reflection by WoodenOxWhite Flower Close Up by WoodenOxLucemon family line by MiniDragonflyDon't lose your head by MiniDragonfly
Silent Night by thebongaSame City. Different Destinations. by thebongaNight Lights by thebongaGoing Somewhere by thebongaGhost by 0palesqueSky High by DPasschier
Iron Man by TemperTempestDelightful Deception by SychroSunrise on Mansfield by IraMustyPhotographySummer Blues by mikimikimchiIn My Dreams by IraMustyPhotography

Sterling Pond by IraMustyPhotographyAs the Sun Sets on Halloween by IraMustyPhotographyEnjoying the Morning by arisuonpaaElf/ Demon of Woods by RoteGruetzeSnow White Bookmark by RoteGruetzeDon't be Afraid. by DerDasDiePIRAT
Foggy morning by NavratinIn the Garden of Eden by PMucks<da:thumb id="335060170"/><da:thumb id="327602818"/><da:thumb id="340074443"/>
<da:thumb id="333232481"/>Hero Of Canton by hever<da:thumb id="334098557"/>Wanna pay or what? by Indiron
Lady Revan by MkemasterSylvester the Cat. by MaleivaColorful experience by MaleivaFirebird 2.0 by FallBirdCold Scream. by RJW-Photo

Robots in love :) by abbeydeathCastles of Dreams - I.b by DimensionSevenPhasma Phasmatis by VictoriaObscureSee my Soul by acjubMicchan by SilverChaim
The fall of Gyertya'nos - II by DimensionSeven
And Literature!
EDIT: Weird...the thumbs aren't displaying was five per line...aauuugh I hate you

Anyways, that's all I have, feel free to browse, comment, fave, and make that artist's day! As usual, all of these pieces of work are underfaved, or commented...but they're all great! Look at just how they make my journal look!

Bye now, and keep on the lookout for my next forum post, Feature Friday Volume 6!

Have a nice day!


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studpup Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012  Student Photographer
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Mkemaster Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the feature love, gonna check them all out! :D
JericaWinters Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012
Thanks for the feature! :hug: Lots of great work, I'll have to check them out.
abbeydeath Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you so much for the feature :)
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